Machine for reed

These are the tool kinds to make reed that I use.

motor of sewing machine This is the machine with which I made to wind the thread of reeds about 10 years ago.
Whenever I winded reeds with my hands, my fingers pained me. Therefore I made it with the motor of sewing machine.
It should be payed attention that too soft tube is not useful, because it will be transformed thinly by the thread.
First time I didn't notice this point at all. A Tetoron thread is very strong. Tube of the brass is transformed though tube of silver isn't transformed because tube of silver is hard.

gauging machine I bought this gauging machine long ago with Loree in Paris. I am not watching this type of machine recently in the store. This machine is the machine which is very easy to use. I think that there has only to be precision of this machine a little more.

bend cane in the half Don't you think that it is troublesome to bend cane in the half? I made this machine by myself.
This is very simple. Then, it is terribly convenient.

tool kinds to make reed These are the tool kinds to make reed for me which to be using. A knife became thin because I used it for many years.

of reed This machine is the gauge that the thickness of reed is measured. It is made in Japan.

picture I wind a thread around reed as the right picture. It doesn't need to fasten a thread at the end. Therefore, it is very beautiful. The thread of this reed never gets loose. But, you must be careful. The blue thread which you pull can't use a heavy thread. Because, your tube will be transformed when the thread which be heavy thread of you is used.