Yokohama Nonet was established in 1981 by Michiko SATO ,present representative and Hiroo KATO,present leader and 9 musicians who approved their idea which is playing various chamber music which is combined string quartet and quintet for wind instruments.

After that 、percussin instrument ,double-bass ,harp and
4 composers joined the party and finally present composition was accomplished.

We held regular concert twice a year in Yokohama

In the concert ,
we play fresh tune every concert and various rare tunes which are modern and clasic.

In adittion, we play new tune which is composed by 4 composersin autumn regular concert .
In the concert for children, we play famous tunes which composers(Yokohama Nonet) arranged and most of tunes are well received and many children enjoy the concert.

We have a member club "Yokohama Nonet Friend club",and now, 40 members support the events and activities of Yokohama Nonet